Education: Our schools are the number one reason people choose to live in our community. Christiana is a proud HCPSS graduate and believes our school system must shine brighter as a beacon for Howard County. With two future HCPSS students of her own, she understands and empathizes with the issues parents are facing. Transparent and accountable leadership is needed; as is a positive and inclusive relationship between the county council, the school system, and parents. We must support our teachers and students by continuously fighting for fully funded budgets and initiatives.

Economic Development: Christiana champions responsible economic development where benefits extend to many, not few. This requires broadly inclusive public participation and open process. As an advocate for sustainable growth, one of Christiana’s top priorities is making sure that development and redevelopment does not outpace our infrastructure capacity for our schools and communities. Not everyone is fascinated by attention to zoning issues, but Christiana is passionate about its impact on future development in Howard County, including the need to preserve open space, support improved transit, encourage small businesses, and revitalize Route 1. She brings creative energy, dedication, and true enthusiasm to this work. It’s time that we balance growth without compromising our quality of life.

Community Investment: Howard County must reinvest in our community partners who support our residents. Dozens of our local nonprofit partners support our community through a variety of services from shelter, addiction treatment, counseling, case management and wrap around services to promote self sufficiency all the way to stormwater management projects that help the county meet state and federal requirements. We can help our county fulfill its mission by advocating for critical investments in our community.

Accessible Housing: To be a truly vibrant community, Howard County should ensure that opportunities are available for young families, seniors, and everyone in between. Keeping multi-generational families united creates a better quality of life for all. As we develop and revitalize more communities, Christiana will fight for seniors to successfully age-in-place and for increased inclusive housing. In order to make Howard County accessible and welcoming for new and returning young families, affordable housing is a critical piece of our future growth.

Environment: As a former employee for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Christiana takes deep pride in our natural resources. She believes it is our responsibility to manage our remaining natural areas with an eye to the future. Christiana is committed to preserving our open spaces, protecting and restoring our rivers and streams, which flow to the Chesapeake Bay.

Safe Neighborhoods: Christiana will support our first responders with smart investments to cultivate and maintain safe neighborhoods. As a member of the Economic Resource Allocation Committee for Howard County, she has championed our county for increased state and federal dollars. In addition to harnessing resources to aid our neighbors in their time of need, it is critical that all of our residents feel secure in our community.