Hi, I’m Christiana Rigby, I’m a Democrat, and I’m your representative on the Howard County Council. We’ve gotten big things done over the last four years, from starting renovations on Hammond High School, to raising wages for over 40,000 working people in Howard County. I’ve worked hard to make Howard County a stronger, safer, and more vibrant place for all our families, and our work is just getting started. Over the next four years, we need to take bold action on climate change and build a sustainable transportation network. We need to invest in affordable housing so that our community is a place where all families can thrive. And we need to make a historic investment in our public school system so that all children can learn and grow. Together, we can continue to make Howard County a place where everyone has the opportunity to live their best life. On November 8th, I hope to earn your vote as we advance our vision for a brighter future.


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